Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire!


Smoking and alcohol! Often seen, as the two most deadly sins of modern society. Having discussed alcohol in a previous blog, why not take a look at it. I thought, it was time to deal with smoking.

In the last few years, we have experienced some very Dragonian restrictions on smoking – especially in public buildings. In Britain, the latest laws ban having tobacco products on view in shops, bars, etc. They must be concealed under the counter. And all brands of cigarettes must be identically labelled.

In the meantime, (just two weeks ago) another considerable tax increase on tobacco became law. Smoking has become a very expensive habit. The politicians seem to think that this will reduce smoking considerably  – I doubt it. Certainly, fewer people now smoke than, say, fifty years ago, but I have the impression, that today many more teenage girls smoke, than previously. It’s a very difficult habit to break.

As you know, there are various so-called, habit-breaker products on the market. But do they really work efficiently? I think, the most effective way is to eliminate the inner desire to smoke. I know of some instances, where hypnotism has been completely successful. In my own case,

I stopped smoking some years ago. How? I made a list of all the disadvantages of smoking. I think, that there must have been, at least, 8 – 10 items on my list. Then, every time I took out a cigarette to smoke, I mentally went through each item, giving it my full concentration. After two or three weeks, I found myself hating the whole concept of smoking. Nevertheless, I continued smoking, disliking each cigarette more than the one before. My target was, to stop smoking, on the 24th of December of that year. So, on the evening of the 24th I stopped, so happy, that I didn’t have to smoke another cigarette.

Today, it would be impossible for me, to put any form of tobacco between my lips. Perhaps, you could call it ‘self-hypnotism’. Anyway, I’m sure I won’t die of lung cancer!


considerable    – big

Draconian -   hard laws

concealed - out of sight


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4 Kommentare zu „Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire!“

  1. Judith sagt:

    This atircle went ahead and made my day.

  2. Madoka sagt:

    Hey bro, I started snokimg when I was in the army. I tried quitting 2 times after i ord but have failed. Its really not easy and needs lots of determination. Some say it’s all in the mind and there are such programs out there to help you train your mind to quit I’ve yet to try though hope you can succeed. +48

  3. Jakir sagt:

    Tell him to quit “just for the health of it”Do you know the difcnreefe between a new car and a beat up clunker? Two packs of cigarettes a day! That’s about $300 a month he could be spending on a nice car. And it’s only gonna get more expensive!

  4. Sheri sagt:

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this post plus the
    rest of the website is very good.