The Street Jungle


The act of driving a motor vehicle on a normal road could possibly be separated into three areas of activity.

They are: 1) controlling the vehicle itself; 2)  avoiding other vehicles; 3) reacting to road signs and symbols. Being successful with 1) is normally just a matter of sufficient practice. With 2) I have acted on the theory, that all other road users are semi-concentrated . This helps me to take counter measures , thus avoiding contact with these vehicles. 3) can be much more difficult.

Road signs are sometimes so close together, that they are simply confusing. Then, there are temporary signs put there, e.g. for road surface repairs.They often don’t agree with the permanent signs, in the same location. Still, other temporary signs are legible during daylight, but are not illuminated during the hours of darkness. Other, electronic signs, light up to tell you that you are driving too fast. O.K., so you slow your speed accordingly, at the same time noting a lot of your neighbouring cars, happily ignoring the signs. There’s no control. Very irritating!

And  then, in GB, at least, speed cameras that do not function. Recently, the Oxford traffic authorities changed the speed limit signs, on side-streets, from 30 m.p.h. (approx. 50 k.p.h.) to 20 m.p.h. To what purpose? Most of these side-streets are  so narrow, that to avoid cars already parked there, 10 – 15 m.p.h. is the fastest speed for any moving vehicle.

Can you imagine the cost of changing all these thousands of signs? And clearly, they are all useless. Maybe, under 2) above, I should have mentioned the growing numbers of drivers, who seldom, or never, use the directional signals on their cars. It’s enough to drive a sane driver to drink?

Maybe my observations are all wrong. If you think so, or have any other comments, please add them to this blog.

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2 Kommentare zu „The Street Jungle“

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  2. Yesica sagt:

    Love all of these! I was a zookeeper for 20 years and wntaed signs like these that left no questions about the consequences for vistor’s actions. Watched many a person get sprayed by male tigers and lions, also saw lots of people get nailed by non-human primate poo, concrete, sod, etc The zoo is the animals’ home. Some visitors had little respect for that.