The Perfect Passport


In common with many animals, we humans have a sometimes very strong, herding instinct. That is to say, we identify ourselves as members of a group, like a herd of cattle,, or sheep. We have our family, our village or town, our country, our skin colour, etc., etc.

Historically, this herding, was essential to our existence. It afforded the individual  protection from outside dangers. Still today, we live with wars, sealed frontiers, even trade wars. Our national flags can be seen as trade marks, or group identity symbols. What other use have they? O.K. I doubt if the future will bring us much change.

But stop! For me, there is a gleam of hope shining through all this. Music! Often, when listening to classical music, I realise that the composer is Chinese, or Russian, Jewish, West Indian,  African, etc. That old herding instinct is then completely absent. How wonderful! I don’t need a passport, or visa, or any kind of permit.

Wouldn’t it be exciting if international life  could be conducted through music in place of politics? Impractical? Yes, I suppose it is. But please, don’t shatter my dreams.


afforded  – allowed

gleam -   faint light

conducted – carried / taken / organised

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