The Age of Enlightenment!


Doctor: ‘What’s your problem Mr Smith?’

Patient: ‘It’s my memory doctor, I’m always forgetting things.’

Doctor: ‘How long have you had this problem?’

Patient: ‘Which problem?’

As people live longer, more and more of them suffer from illnesses, that do not effect younger people. One magazine recommends us to drink lots of black tea. a glass of red wine every day, to eat red meat, including liver. Another article tells us that too much red meat, red wine, etc. is not good for our blood vessels. What are the oldies to do?

Which medical school of thought should we follow? Both agree that forty-five minutes quick walking is better than taking physical exercises in the home. Which line should we follow? Maybe, because we are all individuals, there is no one correct answer for everybody. there is an old English saying: ‘A little of what you fancy, does you good?’

I’m happy, that I managed to remember that old saying!

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2 Kommentare zu „The Age of Enlightenment!“

  1. Max Bond sagt:

    As always, you are so right! Some things
    never change. I love reading your wonderful blogs and
    look forward to them every week.

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