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My article for this week is also about the origins of the English language. I find it fascinating – I hope you agree.

It concerns the everyday word ‘and’. It’s one of the most used words in Modern English. And, of course, it’s equivalent. in other languages is also much used. And these last two sentences, both have ‘and’, as the first word of the sentence.

This has been seen as unacceptable use of grammar at different periods of time in history. Today, it is acceptable. Why not? It often appears in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The earliest known printed form of ‘and’ was in the seventh century, A.D.. At that time, it was spelt ‘ond’. Clearly, it was used in the spoken form, from a much earlier date.

Then we have the symbol form of ‘and’, ‘&’. This originates from the Latin ‘et’. And that is the end of this week’s article. And what are your reactions?

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