‘…ham’ Is Where The Heart Is.


  In a previous blog, I wrote about the mixed origin of the English language, as it exists today. And now, a little more information, to add to your interest (or confusion!). Place names.

Well, London is the obvious name to begin with. ‘lond’, is thought to come from a Celtic word, meaning ‘wild’, which was, of course, pre-Roman times. the Romans named it ‘Londinium’.

We have several places with ‘... chester, or ‘...castor, in their names. e.g. Colchester, Manchester, Winchester, Lancaster, and many others. Chester’ tells us that it was a Roman military centre.

‘Town’ from ‘tun’ or Saxon ‘zoun’ – a place enclosed by a fence (zoun), giving the modern word ‘town’. Some examples are: ‘Taunton’, ‘Williton’, ‘Acton’. ...‘ham’ gives us ‘home’. So today, we have ‘Birmingham’, Tottenham’ etc. What about ‘Wembley’  and the many place names, ending in ‘ley’ or ‘leigh’, amongst other variations? It originally stems from Old English ‘lea’, meaning a grassy clearing, within forest areas. This is, by no means, a complete list. More may come in a future blog.
obvious   -   easy to see, or understand
clearing   -   open area 



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